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2 and 4 Passenger Waterproof and Anti-UV Golf Cart Cover
  • 2 and 4 Passenger Waterproof and Anti-UV Golf Cart Cover
Golf Cart Cover

2 and 4 Passenger Waterproof and Anti-UV Golf Cart Cover

1. Zipper on the driver's/ passenger's/ rear side: Convenient to get out things; 

2. Long fluorescent Light Strips: Protect your cart at night; 

3.  air vents make the inside breathable. 

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Waterproof Anti-UV Frost Resistant Buckle Double Stitched

Golf Cart Cover

2 Passengers: 4 Passengers:
92*48*66 inch
112*48*66 inch

Maximum Golf Cart Dimensions

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NINGBO SUMMER OUTDOOR SUPPLIES CO., LTD. is a manufacturer established in 2015, located in Yuyao, Ningbo, with a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters. 
We play an important role as 2 and 4 Passenger Waterproof and Anti-UV Golf Cart Cover suppliers and exporter in China. Company specialized in car covers, tire covers, bicycle covers, motorcycle covers, outdoor furniture covers, outdoor tents and etc. 
Our products meet the demands of both domestic and foreign markets. We have exported to the United States, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, and many other countries and regions.
We do the whole producing process of designing, cutting, sewing, packaging and inspection. We focus much on the material and workmanship, to make our covers fit and function better.  We also export and wholesale 2 and 4 Passenger Waterproof and Anti-UV Golf Cart Cover.
We are able to develop new products according to our customer’s requirements.
Your inquiry and visit are all welcomed.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

Are there different types of Golf Cart Covers, and how do they differ in terms of protection?
There are different types of Golf Cart Covers, and they vary in terms of design, materials, and levels of protection they offer. Here are some common types and their differences:
Universal Fit Covers:
These covers are designed to fit a range of golf cart models, providing a general fit. While they offer versatility, the fit may not be as snug as custom-fit covers, leaving some areas exposed. They provide basic protection against dust, dirt, and sunlight.
Custom-Fit Covers:
Custom-fit Golf Cart Covers are tailored to the specific make and model of your golf cart. This precise fit ensures maximum coverage, leaving minimal room for exposure. Custom-fit covers provide superior protection against elements like rain, UV rays, and debris. They are often considered the most effective in preventing wear and tear.
Enclosure Covers:
These covers are more like portable garages for golf carts. They provide full coverage and protection by enclosing the entire golf cart. They often come with zippered doors and windows, providing easy access to the cart while offering complete shelter from the elements.
Waterproof Covers:
Golf Cart Covers with waterproof capabilities are designed to keep water out completely. They often feature specialized materials or coatings that prevent water penetration. These covers are ideal for areas with heavy rainfall or for those who store their golf carts in damp environments.
Sunbrella Covers:
Sunbrella is a type of fabric known for its excellent UV resistance. Sunbrella Golf Cart Covers are designed to protect the vehicle from the sun's harmful rays, preventing fading and damage to the cart's finish.
Storage Covers:
These covers are specifically designed for short-term protection, such as during storage in a garage or shed. They are lightweight and easy to install, providing basic coverage against dust and scratches.
Travel Covers:
If you transport your golf cart on a trailer, a travel cover is designed to protect it during transit. These covers often have additional features such as reinforced straps and padding to ensure the cart remains secure and undamaged during travel.
When choosing a Golf Cart Cover, consider the specific needs of your cart and the storage environment. A combination of features, such as a custom fit, weather resistance, and UV protection, will provide comprehensive protection for your golf cart.