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Boat Outboard Motor Cover
  • Boat Outboard Motor Cover
  • Boat Outboard Motor Cover
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Boat Outboard Motor Cover

【NOTE】Please go by the " Length " of your motor, DON'T go by the Hp size. If your motor is special, exchanging for next size up.

【SIZE】Good choice for full outboard engine 8-20 HP~~250-350HP.

【EASY TO INSTALL】FLYMEI outboard motor cover designed with drawstring and zip fastener,easy to install or remove it without tools, excellent for off-season storage or as a quick cover. Coming with a polyester bag for convenient storage.

【DURABLE MATERIAL】420D Oxford cloth + PU/600D Oxford cloth + PU coating, water resistant. This outboard motor cover can prevent the motor from fading and squeaking in sunlight, rain, wind, UV rays, extend your motor service life.

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NINGBO SUMMER OUTDOOR SUPPLIES CO., LTD. is a manufacturer established in 2015, located in Yuyao, Ningbo, with a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters. 
We play an important role as Boat Outboard Motor Cover suppliers and exporter in China. Company specialized in car covers, tire covers, bicycle covers, motorcycle covers, outdoor furniture covers, outdoor tents and etc. 
Our products meet the demands of both domestic and foreign markets. We have exported to the United States, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, and many other countries and regions.
We do the whole producing process of designing, cutting, sewing, packaging and inspection. We focus much on the material and workmanship, to make our covers fit and function better.  We also export and wholesale Boat Outboard Motor Cover.
We are able to develop new products according to our customer’s requirements.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

How do Boat Outboard Motor Covers contribute to preventing corrosion and rust?
Boat Outboard Motor Covers play a crucial role in preventing corrosion and rust by providing a protective barrier against environmental elements. Here's how they contribute to safeguarding the outboard motor:
Water Resistance:
Boat Outboard Motor Covers are typically made from water-resistant or waterproof materials. These materials act as a barrier against rain, snow, and other forms of moisture. By preventing water from directly contacting the outboard motor, the cover helps mitigate the risk of corrosion and rust, which are common issues caused by prolonged exposure to water.
Moisture Evaporation:
Even when not in direct contact with water, atmospheric moisture can contribute to corrosion over time. A Boat Outboard Motor Cover can help reduce the accumulation of moisture by creating a microclimate beneath the cover. Good-quality covers often have ventilation features that allow for moisture evaporation, preventing the buildup of humidity around the motor.
UV Protection:
UV rays can accelerate the deterioration of paint and protective coatings on the outboard motor. When these protective layers are compromised, the metal components become more susceptible to corrosion. Boat Outboard Motor Covers with UV protection help shield the motor from the harmful effects of sunlight, preserving the integrity of its surface and reducing the risk of corrosion.
Dust and Debris Protection:
Boat Outboard Motor Covers also act as a shield against dust, dirt, and debris. These particles can contain corrosive elements, and when they settle on the motor's surfaces, they may contribute to the corrosion process. The cover creates a barrier, preventing these particles from directly contacting the outboard motor.
Material Durability:
High-quality covers are often made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials themselves. These materials not only provide protection to the motor but also resist degradation over time. This ensures that the cover remains effective in preventing corrosion for an extended period.
By combining water resistance, moisture evaporation, UV protection, and coverage against dust and debris, Boat Outboard Motor Covers contribute significantly to preventing corrosion and rust. Regular use of a well-fitted cover when the boat is not in use or during storage helps maintain the outboard motor in good condition and extends its overall lifespan.