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Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window
  • Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window
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Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window

The dog car seat cover has a highly breathable mesh window and is made with four layers of 600D Oxford fabric. It includes a waterproof, durable outer layer with double stitching to keep your pet comfortable, along with two side zipper flaps for easy access when needed. The mesh window allows you to easily see what your pet is doing, increasing their level of comfort as well as helping them feel safe within the car.

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NINGBO SUMMER OUTDOOR SUPPLIES CO., LTD. is a manufacturer established in 2015, located in Yuyao, Ningbo, with a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters. 
We play an important role as Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window suppliers and exporter in China. Company specialized in car covers, tire covers, bicycle covers, motorcycle covers, outdoor furniture covers, outdoor tents and etc. 
Our products meet the demands of both domestic and foreign markets. We have exported to the United States, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, and many other countries and regions.
We do the whole producing process of designing, cutting, sewing, packaging and inspection. We focus much on the material and workmanship, to make our covers fit and function better.  We also export and wholesale Dog Car Seat Cover With Mesh Window.
We are able to develop new products according to our customer’s requirements.
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Industry Knowledge Extension

How to install and secure a Dog Car Seat Cover properly in your vehicle?
Installing and securing a Dog Car Seat Cover in your vehicle is crucial to ensure both your pet's safety and the protection of your car's interior. Here's a general guide on how to do it:
1. Choose the Right Size and Type:
Select a Dog Car Seat Cover that fits the dimensions of your car seats and is suitable for your specific vehicle type (sedan, SUV, truck, etc.).
2. Clean and Prep Your Car Seats:
Before installation, clean and remove any debris or pet hair from your car seats. This ensures a clean surface for the seat cover to adhere to.
3. Unpack and Lay Out the Seat Cover:
Open the package and lay out the Dog Car Seat Cover to inspect it for any defects. Familiarize yourself with the cover's design and features.
4. Position the Seat Cover:
Place the seat cover on the car seat with the non-slip side facing down. Ensure that any designated openings for seat belts or child safety anchors align correctly.
5. Secure Straps and Buckles:
Most Dog Car Seat Covers come with adjustable straps and buckles. Secure these tightly around the headrests and underneath the seats. This helps to keep the cover in place during car rides.
6. Utilize Seat Anchors:
If your Dog Car Seat Cover has seat anchors, use them to anchor the cover securely to the seat. These anchors prevent the cover from sliding around, especially during sharp turns or sudden stops.
7. Check for a Snug Fit:
Make sure the seat cover fits snugly over the entire seat and backrest. There should be minimal shifting or bunching of the cover.
8. Secure Zippers and Velcro:
If the Dog Car Seat Cover has zippers or Velcro openings, secure them tightly to maintain a closed and protective barrier.
9. Test the Seat Belt Openings:
If the cover has openings for seat belts, test them to ensure that you can still use seat belts when the cover is in place. This is crucial for your pet's safety.
10. Adjust as Needed:
Before allowing your pet onto the seat, check the cover for any adjustments needed. Ensure that it's securely in place and won't compromise your pet's safety or comfort.
Regularly inspect the Dog Car Seat Cover for wear and tear, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Following these steps will help create a safe and comfortable environment for your pet during car rides while protecting your car's interior.